Many Stevenson University Students Across the U.S. Are Qualifying For Student Loan Relief

Many Stevenson University Students Across the U.S. Are Qualifying For Student Loan Relief

For many graduates of Stevenson University, they are told that the route to prosperity is to go to college and receive a degree. The problem is that millions of Americans have to go into massive amounts of debts  in order to afford the education they want.

Many Americans sign up for student loan debts thinking they are grants soon realize after graduation that this money needs to be paid back in full and with interest.

“When I signed up for Stevenson University I was really excited. I wanted to become a get a job in the Business world. I didn’t hesitate to take out student loans because I figured I would be getting a high paying position once I graduated. I took out over $30,000 in student loans.

The education was amazing, but I really wasn’t prepared at all for the realities of getting a job in the business field. Now I have massive amounts of debt. I can’t buy a new car, nobody is hiring me and I get embarrassing calls about paying back my student loans. The worst part is my parents co-signed my loans and now they are worried they will never get to retire I feel like I ruined their life and mine as well.

I thought that I was going to use my Business Degree to get a high paying job, now I am in so much debt I can’t buy a car and I stay up crying thinking about how I’m going to give my kids a better future.

What You Can Do About It

If you or a loved one who went to Stevenson University is currently experiencing financial hardships because of overwhelming student loan payments you’re not alone.

Millions of Americans have fallen victim to unmanageable student loan debts from for profit schools. This is not unlike what happened with the financial mortgage meltdown of 2008. According to The Federal Reserve 37 million Americans currently have student loan debt.

The good news is that the American government has recently passed laws that will give millions of Americans currently struggling with student loan debt much needed relief. Call today to see if you qualify for lower monthly payments or student loan forgiveness today.



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