Top 5 Eye Makeup Removers

Top 5 Eye Makeup Removers

There’s nothing worse than thinking you have removed all of your makeup before bed and still waking up with raccoon eyes in the morning! The best way to avoid this sometimes scary looking morning face is by utilizing a quality eye makeup remover before bed to ensure that eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara truly has been cleaned away from the day. But, because not all eye makeup removers are created the same, we have brought you a listing of the top five currently on the market, as reviewed by women just like you.

mary-kay-makeup-remover-225x300The Number One Choice: Mary Kay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

The Mary Kay brand proves it is alive and well with the Mary Kay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover. Women rave about this product because it is non-greasy, removes tough makeup with ease and is affordable.

What’s most lovable about this product is the fact that the formula has remained the same for years. So, you never have to worry about finding another product when this one is revamped or discontinued, as many women claim to have been using it for more than five years!


s48074-main-Lhero-300x300The Runner Up: Clinique ‘Take the Day Off’ Makeup Remover

Clinique, the popular department store makeup line, has created their ‘Take the Day Off’ Makeup Remover which works not only on eyes but on lips too! This is a gentle makeup remover that works against stubborn makeup with minimal oil buildup. But, because of the high-end brand this product might be a splurge, as a 4.2 oz. bottle starts at $20 for some retailers.



neutrogena_hydrating_eye_makeup_remover_lotion_topbeauty4u.com_-300x300The Third Choice: Neutrogena Hydrating Eye Makeup Remover Lotion

The affordable, yet quality, drugstore brand Neutrogena certainly offers a great eye makeup removal option in their Hydrating Eye Makeup Remover Lotion. Unlike traditional oils, this is actually a makeup remover/moisturizer to help soothe and condition the skin around the eyes. Women who wear waterproof mascara will find that product can remove their mascara with ease.



lancome-bi-facil-double-action-eye-makeup-remover-225x300Number Four: Lancome Bi-Facil Double Action Eye Makeup Remover

Lancome has long been associated with creating quality beauty products and the Bi-Facil Double Action Eye Makeup Remover is no exception. While this product can be rather costly, a 4.2 oz. bottle costs nearly $30, many women love the fact that there is no oily feeling after makeup removal and that it is formulated for sensitive eyes.




450-300x300Number Five: Eye-Scrub Sterile Eye Makeup Remover and Eyelid Cleansing Pads

If you are looking to save cotton balls but still get your makeup off completely, then the Eye-Scrub Sterile Eye Makeup Remover and Eyelid Cleansing Pads can get the job done right for you. Not only is this product designed for sensitive skin, but it is actually recommended by many optometrists and doctors for those who can’t use traditional eye products.

Remember that your eyes and the skin around them is typically one of the first places on your face to show signs of aging, and sleeping with your makeup on is breaking one of the first cardinal rules of beauty. So, finding the right eye makeup remover is important for all women who wear even minimal eye makeup, and one of these five are a great way to take care of your eyes.

What’s your favorite brand of eye makeup remover?

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