A Slice of iSlice Safety Cutter

A Slice of iSlice Safety Cutter

Probably the most popular cutting material ever is a pair of scissors. You can use it to cut through plastic bags, packaging, and all sorts of paper; but, you can’t always use it to open safety-sealed boxes or packaging . In these cases, you tend to use knifes and other sharp objects. However, let’s face it, accidents happen and the next thing you know, you have a nasty cut or stab on your hand, arms, etc. This may be minor for you but think about the children! They use scissors often for art projects and other school requirements, if this happens to them it would be very unfortunate, isn’t it? To think, they’re the ones who are more prone to accidents. Well, luckily, a revolutionary cutting tool has been created to avoid these safety hazards related to your usual cutting materials and they call it the iSlice Safety Cutter.

The iSlice Safety Cutter (as seen on the video) is a small tool that can cut through a lot of things: paper, cardboard, plastic, packages, etc. Not only is it effective in doing its job, it is also fairly easy to use and very, very handy. You can bring it with you anywhere you go because it’s not as bulky as a pair of scissors. But what’s amazing about the iSlice is that it is designed to only cut through the covering and not through the contents of the packaging. That’s why this is also good for cutting open safety-sealed products. It is also good for opening envelopes. Also, it is totally not dangerous to use because it absolutely can’t cut through your fingers or any part of your body, for that matter. Both adults and children can use it without difficulty or a safety hazard.

The iSlice is sold for a very low price of $4.85. You can order this product through online sellers or you can even find this at malls. You may want to check your hardware stores or book supplies to get a hold of your own iSlice Safety Cutter.

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