PHGH Review

PHGH Review


PHGH shipped to us in discreet packaging

If you’ve ever looked into male enhancement before, you’ve probably heard about PHGH.

This male enhancement supplement  is the new creation by John Lawrence that was previously only available to adult starts.

What is PHGH?

John claims his formula is a combination of special herbs that he himself has spent years experimenting with.  He claims to have found out the exact combination of these herbs that take a man’s sex drive and erections to their highest possible level.

John’s formula has been praised by many men such as the ones at phgh rx review at AskMenAnswers and the phgh review on this blog as the new thing to take to jump start your sex drive back to what is was at your peak in your teenage years.

But are these claims true?

As many men are reporting amazing results.. here at we are always a bit skeptical.

We are currently putting PHGH to the test on real men to see exactly what to expect.

But.. we are also looking for other men who have independently used John’s formula to post their own results.

That being said…

If you have used PHGH, please let us know!

Please post your experience below.

Your feedback makes a better place for everyone and we appreciate it.

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