Top Tech of 2013

Top Tech of 2013

Technological expansion and innovative creations have become a large reality and byproduct of our tech-savvy media culture. The year 2013 brought many new gadgets that have attempted to change the world in which we live! The way we interact has become less interpersonal and more intrapersonal via computer mediums, cell phone apps and social media outlets.

Via an online article, International Business Times’ shares their selections for the top consumer gadgets of 2013, gadgets that were created to bridge the gap between our digital life and our every day lives. These creations have altered the way we interact with our computers and phones as well as the way we interact with each other!

pebble-smartwatch-bestbuy-main-300x2455. The Pebble SmartWatch

Prior to the launch, the Pebble had the support of tens of thousands of Kickstarter backers. The Pebble is a smart watch capable of displaying text notifications, exercise data and the current time on a battery-friendly e-Paper display. Impressively beating other tech giants to the punch, the Pebble is capable of connecting to most Android devices and iPhones. It is now powered by an app store open to “thousands” of developers and will soon offer a premium wearable experience!

20130906T110847-300x2694. The Moto X

Apple’s Siri was made a fool for failed promise when this new device delivered. The innovative features involved make the Moto X a major step forward in the Android ecosystem. Any function is made easy by voice control known as “touchless gestures” by Google-owned Motorola, which allow owners of the Moto X device to dismiss alarms, play music and check the weather without having to lift a finger. You can say goodbye to button presses or screen swipes with a camera that is opened with a simple wrist gesture—users can touch anywhere to snap a shot with the easy camera interface.

ps4-vs-xbox-one-300x168Tied for 3 and 2. The Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4

Sony PS4 was the world’s most powerful gaming console in 2013 while the Xbox One has struggled behind striving to win over its target audience. Deeper integrations with Windows 8 and Windows Phone will be offered in future updates according to Microsoft. While this is not yet known to us for sure, we do know the inclusion of voice and hand gestures allows users a new way to control the entertainment center. Microsoft’s cloud capabilities along with this new way of interacting with television gives Xbox One room for growth with the possible gain of consumer respect for the Windows ecosystem. The potential for the Xbox One to evolve in 2014 is plentiful!

google-chromecast-300x2211. Chromecast

Consumers can watch web content on their TVs easily and cost-efficiently via Google’s low priced Chromecast. Priced at 35 dollars, the Chromecast doesn’t face legitimate competition from smart TVs and other competitors. It’s the cheapest and easiest way of casting YouTube, Netflix and Pandora from just about any device to the TV! Better yet, the Chromecast’s smartphone integration means that users have a premium touch-screen remote control at their fingertips at all times.

The latest and greatest in tech news is only getting grander in 2014 with our increasing technological advances. We can’t wait to see what 2014 has to offer.

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