When it comes to getting major influencers to help with your marketing efforts, you can be embarking down a treacherous path. While it’s crucial to on-board folks who have a lot of sway with your market, you have to be careful not to rub them the wrong way. In some cases, it can be just as easy to either get ... Read More »

Sallie Mae Splitting Into Navient Has Many Anticipating Student Loan Forgiveness

A flag flies outside a Sallie Mae building in Reston, Virgin

Sallie Mae recently split into two companies. One of the companies will remain Sallie Mae the other company will become Navient. This is causing economic hardships for millions of Americans who are unable to pay back their student loans. To make matters worst the compounding interest on this debt creates a snowballing effect that makes it next to impossible for millions of ... Read More »

Sallie Mae Forced To Pay Back Nearly $200 Million To Student Borrowers

A sign for SLM Corp., also known as Sallie Mae, hangs outsid

Sallie Mae struck a deal with federal authorities to resolve allegations that the nation’s largest student loan company cheated student loan borrowers who were being charged late fees. The Department of Justice, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau are among the agencies investigating whether the company violated federal consumer protection laws and statutes that prohibit discriminatory lending,  and wrongfully processed ... Read More »

Senators Ask Dept. Of Education To Forgive Student Loans


Carrying tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt has become the new normal. Many students who attended college with student loans are realizing that their education isn’t getting them the job they’d hoped for and now they’re stuck with extreme amounts of student loan debts. Many  students didn’t even earn a degree but are left to pay for a tremendous ... Read More »

Here Is The Average Student Debt Burden In Each State

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 6.39.54 PM

This interactive map, built by, a personal finance website, displays data by state on the average student debt load of graduating seniors from colleges in each state (so if an Arizona resident attended college in California, her debt statistics would be included in California’s averages). Darker shades of blue imply larger student loan burdens, while lighter shades imply smaller ... Read More »

Will Medicare Be Enough for You?


When we are of a younger age and in good health we seldom stop and think about the time when we will be senior citizens and ready to retire and enjoy life.  This is very unfortunate and many of our senior citizens are totally unprepared when this time comes and many times without a forewarning. As we grow older we ... Read More »