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Someone Special


So I had to write about this because he is such a big topic in sports right now.  Tim Tebow is doing exactly what everyone said he couldn’t do, win games!!  He is not just winning games, he is making monstrous come backs in the fourth quarter which the All-Time Greats were notorious for doing.  Many critics say that he ... Read More »



When it comes to getting major influencers to help with your marketing efforts, you can be embarking down a treacherous path. While it’s crucial to on-board folks who have a lot of sway with your market, you have to be careful not to rub them the wrong way. In some cases, it can be just as easy to either get ... Read More »

Top 5 High Definition Face Powders


With modern technology upgrading so you can see the flaws on your favorite actor’s faces right from your high definition TV, we naturally have to upgrade to high definition makeup as well. While there are dozens of new face powders on the market that claim to be high definition and truly perfect your skin, it is important to know which ones actually can. ... Read More »

A Slice of iSlice Safety Cutter


Probably the most popular cutting material ever is a pair of scissors. You can use it to cut through plastic bags, packaging, and all sorts of paper; but, you can’t always use it to open safety-sealed boxes or packaging . In these cases, you tend to use knifes and other sharp objects. However, let’s face it, accidents happen and the ... Read More »

Slap Chop Review


How much time do you spend chopping all your ingredients for vegetable or fruit salads, or even your spices for cooking everyday food? It’s gotta be around 10-20 minutes. Now this is probably longer than cooking the actual dish. This would also be very inconvenient (and annoying) if you’re already very, very hungry; that you’d rather have fast food than ... Read More »